Our Virtual Couch offers therapies that include Somatic Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Existential Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Somatic/Body Therapy

Treating the mind and the body as a whole, Somatic Therapy holistically treats and heals individuals suffering from trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety and grief, addiction, and relationship problems. Mind and body exercises combined with a detailed study of the patient’s psychological past, trauma symptoms, and the autonomic nervous symptom (ANS) form the foundation of this body-centered therapy. NuVision’s trained body therapy practitioner will employ the use of physical techniques (breathing practices, mediation, relaxation techniques etc.) and mind-body exercise to work towards the elimination of negative energy and unreleased emotions to help you progress forwards from traumatic past events.

Person Centered Therapy

With an approach that is non-directive, empowering, compassionate, and empathetic, the Person Centered Therapy allows the patient to lead the discussion and discover themselves. Facilitated by a person-centered therapist, this therapy helps patients understand the depth of human potential and the powers that they possess. Offering unconditional support and empathy, and no-judgments, our therapist will facilitate you onto your journey of self-discovery and garnering self-confidence without interruptions, boundless compassion, genuine acknowledgment, and ample attention.

Narrative Therapy

Differentiating people from their problems, and treating them as individuals with an identity distinct from the one imposed upon them by their mental health issues, the Narrative Therapy helps people harness control over their lives by becoming experts on their own selves. This therapy helps you look at your everyday experiences and the affects that they have on you; helping you better understand the many stories that revolve around you and their impact on your mental health. With encouraging therapists specializing in Narrative Therapy, NuVision offers this form of counselling for individuals, families, and couples.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Treating individuals in alignment with an understanding of their family unit and community, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy utilizes an evidence-based approach to heal patients and their sub-personalities. This therapy is heavily premised upon the building of a deep level of understanding between the patient and their psychotherapist. Through in-depth therapy sessions, NuVisions’s trained mental health professionals will assess the levels of different emotions that affect their patient, and the parts of their sub-personalities and family unit contributing to these emotions. This therapy is helping alleviate generational trauma, and pain accumulated through years of emotional violence and family intricacies. Through the IFS Therapy, we aim to harmonize the internal conflicts that are disrupting the lives of our clients, concluding with a peaceful acceptance of the past, and hopeful spirits for the future.

Gestalt Therapy

Focused upon the present, the Gestalt Therapy is centered upon the ‘now’ and the experiences and past events that have constructed it. Client-centered and focused upon client self-awareness, this therapy encourages a better understanding of behaviors and patterns that are affecting their mental health and causing them unhappiness and discomfort. With trained and experienced therapists specialising in the Gestalt method, NuVision is offering this psychotherapeutic treatment especially for individuals that are suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, migraines, and back spasms. This therapy may utilize art forms and creative experiments to help patients confront their past and the consequences and effects of it on their present problems.

Existential Therapy

Recommended for individuals suffering from low levels of self-esteem, existential crises, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression, Existential Therapy focuses upon the bounties of human nature and its immense potential whilst simultaneously emphasizing upon the limitations of human capabilities and thought. Increasing self-awareness and helping individuals realize the extent of their potential, the Existential Therapy helps develop greater self-confidence, empowerment, creativity, and motivation for doing things. NuVisions’s experienced Existential Psychotherapists will focus on patient’s cognitive behavior and help patient focus on their individuality and uniqueness, and alleviate their anxiety, feelings of alienation, violence, and hopelessness.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented form of psychotherapeutic treatment that focuses on cognitively internalized mental health conditions that dominate the conscious. Commonly used to improve and treat symptoms of depression, addiction, phobias, sleeping and eating disorder, and sexual disorders, CBT helps patients understand internal and external influences affecting and exacerbating their symptoms. Specific and short-termed, CBT aims at helping individuals untangle the complexity of their thoughts, reduce stress, cope with family related problems, and overcome emotional trauma and grief though concentrated, one-on-one therapy sessions.